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New Shows Coming
Fall 2021...Maybe



Relapse Theatre was open from 2005 - 2013, Closed for 3 years as a joke, and open again since 2016...until we closed again due to the Coronavirus at the end of 2019:-)

In that time we've been blessed to work with the finest talent the whole country has to offer. We believe in Atlanta Comedy, we believe that it is special, we believe in every venue that supports comedy and suggest you go to all of the comedy nightclubs and spend your dollars there! We believe it's not those who "got it or don't", but rather those who "will it or won’t" that makes comedy work. 

Relapse Theater is a comedy nightclub and our goal is to be really nice to people, and to provide a sustainable, supportive environment for all Atlanta comedians. We’re an “Autonomous Collective”, meaning each show is independently operated without artistic direction from “The Man”.

Also, we suck at marketing and are O.K. with that. Our building looks like a scary old church from the outside, and there is no big sign out front...that's to make sure every person who walks through the door is there to see comedy. We have no V.I.P. sections besides the front door, all are welcome, just don't be a dick:)

We will be back, Lord Willing!



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